We learn more through experiences than a book could ever teach us.

Solo-Journeys are built for career self-exploration through music, play, journaling, and action. These step-by-step guides will take you on a 1-2 hour adventure in your own home or neighborhood. Solo-Journeys will help you unlock new doors in your creative career, whether that be getting closer to discovering your calling, choosing an idea to pursue, or finding courage to start taking action.

Each Solo-Journey includes a PDF digital download step-by-step guide and auditory mp3 file if you prefer to listen to instructions. Some common household items will be used during each experience. I’ve listed items needed for each Solo-Journey on the product page.

"I am such a fan of Choosing a Path Solo-Journey! As an indecisive person, the experience was much more effective than simply sitting there and trying to think about what to do."


-Zoe K.