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Get confident in your creative career

Coaching for Creatives

I help creatives like you navigate career transitions and level-up in your career.

Creative careers are not linear but rather open-world structures that can be difficult to navigate. It is easy to find yourself stuck, dissatisfied, and lost along the way.


Maybe you've wandered away from your path.

Maybe you sacrificed your creativity in order to do the "adult thing". 

Maybe you're ready to finally tackle that dream project or launch your product or write that book.


Wherever you are at in your creative life, together we can help you start taking strategic action towards building the career of your dreams.

Every creative I have met is truly unique... with individual goals, dreams, and definitions of success. You are unique, too.

I can guide you to find the path that is right for you.

Together we can...

gain clarity about where you are going,
build a strategy to get you there,
hold you accountable to take action.
Victoria Hines in a red shirt with a green book and paintbrush in her mouth.

Hi! I'm Victoria Hines.

I believe in helping you build a viable career as a creative, one in which the starving artist archetype goes out the door. 


For 10 years I've worked as an actor, playwright, producer, arts administrator, fundraiser... the list goes on. I have wandered down many a path only to discover later that I wasn't quite headed in the right direction. I know what it's like to get lost, frustrated, stuck, and disheartened along the way.


That was when I started my own journey of figuring out what it was I was meant to do. I've found my path: creative career coaching.

Now, let's find your path!

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Creative Clients Recommend


Debi B. 

Licensed Therapist and Watercolor Artist

“Victoria is a joy to work with! Her exploratory questions and reflective listening helped put me on a path of further self exploration and self discovery. The after-session summary was as valuable as the consultation."

Kelsey D.

Theatremaker and Musician

“I was impressed by Victoria's ability to listen and discern personal obstacles in my career growth path. She offered tangible action items to help ground and energize me into DOING.”

Lilian W.


“She was able to break down my idea into clearer and more concise bits and was able to lead the discussion such that I was able to answer the questions myself!”

Diane F. 

Music Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

“Victoria is a very focused listener. She pulled out of me, through conversation, what was running my life. It had been hidden from my view."

Zoe K.

Theatremaker and Writer

“She will nudge you in the right direction, provide helpful resources and keep you accountable towards achieving your goals. If you come with a dream, she will guide you through the journey!”

Jo R.

Writer and Creative Entrepreneur

“She seemed to ask just the right questions to help me see what I already knew deep-down to be the right path for me and was kind, sensitive, and thoughtful in her responses. I highly recommend working with Victoria to get clear on your “why” and to feel fully confident in your next steps.”

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