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Find Your Path

for creatives to navigate career change

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creative living


making a living


is HARD.

Maybe you love what you do but hate trying to make it a career.


Ultimately, I believe we all end up navigating a career change because somewhere along the way we ended up on the wrong path, chasing a version of success that doesn't light us up.

Your work should energize you and leave you with the time, mental capacity, financial resources, and energy to live the life you desire.

That's exactly what Find Your Path is designed to help you rediscover.

Find Your Path only opens it's doors a few times a year. Sign up on the waitlist below to be the first in line.

Lindsey M. on hitting burnout in her theater career.


you don't know what your version of success is

you've been avoiding the truth about what you truly desire in your life

you haven't created a clear, long-term dream that lights you up inside and makes you ready to take on the world

you aren't clear on your natural strengths and how to optimize them in your work for maximum success and ease

you spend more time thinking and less time taking action

you keep looking for jobs, not people

So what will you do next?

be honest with yourself


explore what energizes you


validate your ideas, set clear financial goals, and verify this path could support what you desire


stop thinking. start taking action

What will change when you do the work and take action...

gain confidence in yourself and your abilities

show up full and happy in your relationships

be energized and excited to make it happen

make clearer and more precise decisions

be proud to make sacrifices for your work

create a new network that inspires you

enjoy the journey

Find Your Path will help you...

gain clarity on next steps in your career 

discover ways to combine your passions and unique skill set


strategies to overcome impostor 


learn new tools to start building new connections

build a structure to guide you along in your transition

Before Find Your Path I knew I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing and my strategy thus far had been to double down on what I was doing in the hopes that that would fix it. Then with the pandemic, I felt relief and then fear of the idea of having to go back to constantly being on the treadmill for things that didn’t really light me up inside. That was an indication that something needed to change."

-Lydia H.

Listen to Lydia share why she joined Find Your Path:
Lydia's Testimonial

Step 1: Clarify the Misalignment

  • Identify what’s no longer serving you AND get super clear on your lifestyle wants and needs.

Step 2: Identify Your Unique Awesomness


  • Understand your strengths, passions, and what problems you want to solve.

  • Take into account your personality as well as why you love your creative work and what is important about it to you.


Step 3: Pinpoint New Possibilities


  • Identify what are the possible pivot pathways and clearly define what you are needing in your work.

Step 4: Explore New Paths


  • Learn how to reach out to people to gather data and start building connections.

  • Validate your choice to make sure it aligns with your financial and life goals as well as your values.

Step 5: Build a Pivot Roadmap

  • Set long-term and short-term goals and build an accountability structure.

  • Develop strategies to overcome roadblocks and fear.

  • Re-craft your career story.

Beautiful Landscape

My Journey

2 1/2 years ago I hit my moment of realizing something in my career needed to change. But I had no clue what could possibly be next.


Fast forward 2 years and I tried anything and everything from mentorship groups, writing a play, producing my own work, launching a sponsorship program for an indie film festival, and so much more. But nothing felt right. That deep-seated feeling of... "YES! I KNOW this is the right path for me." 


Looking back, I needed guidance in my search and I needed to do A LOT more soul-searching. 


Fast forward to now and I’ve taken EVERYTHING I’ve learned in my career pivoting process, from my coaches, as well as from my fellow creative artists and bundled it together to help you figure out what’s next in your career.

If you are a creative who has no idea what's next in your career, you are in the right place.

"This program really worked for me. From the beginning where I was thinking I could do all these things to realizing, “I need to teach kids.”  The way that the program built over the weeks was really manageable. The homework was intentional and there wasn’t too much that had to be done but so much clarity that came out of each assignment."

-Lindsey M.



Creative artists who are ready to redefine success in a judgement free zone


Know you need to change your current work situation but have no idea where or how to start


Your 100% committed to doing the work and making real change in your life


You're ready to take brave, messy action and do things you've never done before 


You're excited to work with a small group of people who are feeling the same as you


You're ready to find what lights your up inside and energizes you



You are really happy with what you do


You want a quick fix or magical cure that will whisk you away into your dream work


You're not ready to commit time every week to do the work


You are looking for a new job to pay the bills and just need resume review and interview prep

So what are you waiting for? Stop settling and start thriving in your career.
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