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What It Means to Be an Empowered Creative

Updated: Jul 5

As creatives, we often start our journeys with boundless passion and dreams. Whether we're dancers, writers, actors, or comedians, our craft fuels us with joy and purpose. However, as adulthood sets in, so do responsibilities—bills, health insurance, and the daily grind—which can quickly sap our sense of empowerment. We find ourselves feeling stuck, burnt out, and questioning if this is truly what we signed up for.

So, what does it mean to be an empowered creative? It's about reclaiming control over your career and your creative process. It's about feeling confident in your path at least 50% of the time (if not more). It’s not about feeling on top of the world every day, but having a sense of agency, knowing you're pursuing goals that resonate with your true desires, not just societal expectations.

The Four Pillars of Empowered Creatives

Let’s break down the four key elements that define empowered creatives:

1. Defining Your Own Success

Success isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s about crafting a vision that aligns with your values and aspirations, not societal norms or industry pressures. Whether you're aiming for Broadway or creating niche art that speaks to a smaller audience, define what success means for you.

2. Taking Ownership of Your Career

Empowered creatives don't wait for opportunities; they create them. This means adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, building networks, and creating your own work rather than relying solely on external validation or opportunities that may never come.

3. Building Sustainability

Sustainability goes beyond financial stability. It's about balancing your creative pursuits with other aspects of life—relationships, mental well-being, and personal growth. It’s understanding that sometimes you need to recalibrate between time, energy, and money to maintain a healthy creative lifestyle.

4. Leaning into Joy

Amidst deadlines and pressures, don’t forget why you started creating in the first place. Empowered creatives prioritize joy by nurturing hobbies that aren’t tied to productivity. These creative outlets allow you to recharge and reconnect with the pure pleasure of making art.

If you found these insights valuable, share them with three friends who might also benefit. Empowerment grows stronger when shared, and everyone deserves to feel confident and fulfilled in their creative journey.

Remember, being an empowered creative isn’t just about achieving external markers of success—it’s about reclaiming your joy, creativity, and purpose.

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