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Uniquely You

Discover your unique creative niche, launch a personal brand, and start building your ideal network. 

My Story

Were you ever told black and white instructions on how to succeed in your creative field?

I know I was. As an actor, I was taught you move to LA, New York, or Chicago, you crash Equity auditions, you book regional theatre gigs, you make most of your money doing commercials, and you work in the restaurant industry to support yourself.

So that's what I did. I moved to Chicago, I crashed Equity auditions, I booked a few regional theater gigs, I never booked a commercial, and I waited tables in a restaurant. 

For years I stepped through the next open door just blindly hoping it would lead me where I wanted to go. But truthfully, I didn't know where that was for the longest time. I had never slowed down and asked myself what I truly, deeply wanted. I opened my eyes and realized that I was not building a career that was right for me. I was following everyone else's advice towards their version of success. I needed to clarify and start building towards my own version of success and fast.

So fast turned into 4 years until I finally invested money in myself and my journey... and I'm talking 4-figure money. The second I did, everything shifted. I found me. I found a new dream which led me here to you. And boy do I have some tips, tricks, advice, and how tos to share with you.

You are unique. Your creative career journey should be too.

The most successful people I know are fearless in acknowledging who they are and what they want. They also are deliberate in building the right relationships to help them take steps towards their dream.

Week 1

  • Analyze your passions and strengths

  • Clearly understand your body of work

  • Define your values

  • Understand what you need to succeed

Week 2

  • Create a personal brand statement that tells the world who you are

  • Define your slash title

  • Clarify what you want to create and how it's unique

Week 3

  • Launch (or rebrand) a personal Instagram account

  • Learn to leverage social media as a marketing tool for you and your work

Week 4

  • Learn how to network and build authentic relationships

  • The ins and outs of initiating informational interviews

  • Learn to speak up and ask for help

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