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Embracing the Unpredictable Journey of Creative Careers

Navigating creative careers is... difficult.






complete drudgery.

You get the idea. It's a journey and you never know what leg of the road you're going to step into next. And if you're in a creative rut... well, you're not alone. This is a common occurrence in the world of creative careers, where the journey to success is often non-linear and fraught with challenges. But fear not, as there is a pathway through this seeming chaos. A pathway that took me years to discover.

In 2018 I hit my first major case of burnout. At the beginning of the year, I seemingly had it all.

  • Set to start rehearsals for my first major acting gig with one of the largest theaters in Chicago.

  • Offered a full-time job, with health insurance, working in a theater as an administrator.

  • Beginning to feel recognized and respected in my artistic community.

Except, what looked like success on the surface was hiding the drudgery behind closed doors.

  • My non-equity pay at this major theater would not have covered my carefully budgeted expenses... and these gigs only come around every few years if you're lucky.

  • Non-profit arts administration is a low-pay realm of chaos where you are often overlooked as an artist.

  • My community was a silo of theater makers which meant getting sucked into a lot of drama that outside the theater world didn't matter a whole lot. I had lost perspective.

My dreams were shattered. After hitting rock bottom, I embarked on a journey to recover and rediscover my creative energy. This journey led (eventually) to me creating the "Find Your Path Roadmap", a five-step process designed to guide creatives through career transitions. So here it is...

The Five-Step Roadmap:

1. Clarify Misalignment: The first step in any transition is understanding why it's happening. What about your current life is no longer aligning with where you want to be?

2. Identify Your Unique Awesomeness: We each have intrinsic strengths, interests, and passions. Identifying these and incorporating them into your daily life is crucial for a fulfilling career.

3. Pinpoint New Possibilities: Once you've done the internal work, it's time to look outward. Explore the pathways that are available to you and consider what is possible, no matter how daunting it may seem.

4. Explore New Paths: This involves more than just looking at a path and deciding it's the one you want to take. This step requires in-depth research and exploration to understand the path thoroughly.

5. Build a Roadmap: The final step involves mapping out your chosen path and committing to the journey to bring your goals to life.

Remember, your journey is unique and valid. Reflect on how far you've come and look forward to how much further you will go. After all, the beauty of a creative career lies in its unpredictability and the opportunities for growth and innovation it provides.


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